The Commission on Children,demonstrating their commitment to protecting children through concrete actions.

The Commission on Children attaches utmost importance to the well-being of children, and is committed to providing a safe and optimal environment for children to grow up healthy and happily, and to fully develop and realise their potential. Everyone in the community has an undeniable responsibility to protect children, and does not tolerate even a single case of child abuse. We are pleased to see that the Government has accepted the opinions of the non-official members of the Commission on Children and representatives of the sectors, and will arrange gazettal of the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Bill on 2 June and introduce it into the Legislative Council for scrutiny on 14 June, demonstrating their commitment to protecting children through concrete actions.

We are pleased to see that the legislative justifications of the Bill is clear, making reference to overseas experiences and local practices, and has taken into account multiple dimensions when considering the feasibility of establishing a mandatory reporting mechanism, including who needs protection, how to define the types of suspected cases that must be reported, who needs to make mandatory reports, how to define the appropriate level of penalties, and how to provide statutory defences and legal protections for mandated reporters.

We strongly agree that the Government should adopt a cautious and prudent approach, recommending that the newly established mandatory reporting mechanism should be implemented 18 months after gazettal to ensure that the Government provides training for mandated reporters, and prepares practical guidelines which assist in early identification, reporting and intervention of target cases to minimise false reporting. In addition, we support the Government to increase the number of emergency placements for children, enhance publicity and public education, and strive for raising the community’s awareness on child protection.

The non-official members of the Commission on Children will complement with the Government to explain and promote the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Bill to the public, carefully listen to the views of all sectors, seek the public support and reflect to the Government to ensure smooth passage of the Bill in the Legislative Council soonest after considering the views of all sectors and members of the public.

Non-official Members:

Ms Karin Ann

Mr Peter Au Yeung Wai-hong

Mr Chan Kin-ping

Miss Ann May Chan Mei-Lan

Miss Kelly Cheng Hui-kiu

Mr Chow Wai-chung

Ms Kathy Chung Lai-kam

Ms Heidi Hui Sim-kiu

Dr Patrick Ip

Dr Sanly Kam Shau-wan

Ms Lee Yuen-sum

Ms Shalini Mahtani

Mr Kenny Ng Kwan-lim

Ms Cindy Pun Siu-fung

Dr Tang Chun-pan

Dr Sandra Tsang Kit-man

Dr Rizwan Ullah

Mr Gary Wong Chi-him

Ms Donna Wong Chui-ling

Dr Lilian Wong Hiu-lei

Miss Koby Wong Lok-yin

Ms Wong May-kwan

Source:Commission on Children

責編 | 李永康

編輯 | Wenxu


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